A Fetus Speaks

Hear me out please

Just for a moment
That’s all I ask
You say no one is thinking about me
You’re wrong
You accuse her of being selfish
I think you’re wrong
You say it’s murder
I think she’s saving me from a society that has gone to hell
…from a world full of hate and greed…
…from a world of possible abuse…
…from a world where I could go unloved and unwanted…
You’re rebuttal is that she doesn’t want or love me
My reply is that she does and that she knows what’s best for me now
It’s her choice
You say she’s got to pay
Doesn’t she though?
If not from a memory of what could have been, then from a burden of a child
You don’t know how she feels
You don’t see her tears, I do
I hear her fears of not being a good mother…
…of not being able to be there and take good care of me…
I hear the silent tears she cries while she lies awake in the middle of the night
I hear her beg for my forgiveness
I hear her apologies
I forgive her
I still love her as she loves me
She protects me for I cannot
You indict her.  You have no right
You haven’t lived her life
Live your own life and stay out of hers
It’s none of your business anyway
You shout, “The killing must be stopped.”
You cannot and will not listen to my shouts
As she walks into the building, I hear the angry cries of the protestors
I encourage her to go forward
She’s waiting, holding back tears
I am proud of her
She tells me show she feels one last time and begs for my forgiveness
That night as she dreams, she will see that I understood and forgive her
She hasn’t lost a child.  She has gained a friend and a part of hope she never had
As the morning awakens her, she feels my presence watching over her like an angel
She sees that I will return a few years from now
She’ll be ready bring me into the world
I haven’t left her and she hasn’t left me
Originally written on 1.28.95

© 1995 Shelia Taylor
All rights reserved

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