Why Does Grass Make You Itch?

I enjoyed a very relaxing day. Just sitting in the grass and playing with the dogs in the front yard while the sun was out and a nice breeze floated by. It was nice to have my mind at peace. Filled with quiet and calm. Of course then I received a mosquito bite. I am the only person I know that can get a bug bite within 5 seconds of stepping outdoors. It doesn’t stop me from being outdoors though. I cover myself in bug spray and go have fun. Being outside, did bring up the inevitable question of “Why does grass make one itch?” I didn’t feel it while outside, it was just afterwards when I came into the house. That dilemma doesn’t stop me from being outdoors either.

Now, as I write this, light gray clouds are filling the sky and with the tease of rain. I hope it does rain. I always enjoy the smell of the fresh rain and the outdoors coming through my window. It’s like the earth just exhaled a sweet and intoxicating breath…

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