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Sigh…Day is Almost Over

First, I really didn’t want to start out my day with a gyno visit, but I do have to admit my gyno is pretty cool.  It’s not nearly as creepy, icky, and painful as some of my friend’s horror stories.  I have a clean bill of health 🙂  Always good news.

Second, I have been highly annoyed the last two days…probably really the last four days.  No particular reason, just realized that everything that everyone is doing, has done, plans to do, etc makes me want to punch them.  As Dane Cook would say, “it’s the sound that makes me punch babies,” but for me “it’s the mere existence or action that makes me want to punch babies.”

Third, the last two days, I’ve been very negative in my thinking.  Not a usual pattern for me.  I got to let that go.  That devours at my soul and that is not a good thing for me.

So, I sit here, enjoying a glass of 3 Rings Shiraz and listen to “Rush” by Edwin…trying to find the place where all the annoying and negative things need to go…and celebrating a clean bill of health.

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