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Daily Goal Has Been Reached…

I wasn’t going to start the writing process until the 5th. Mostly because I have been so sick that sitting in front of a monitor or tv hasn’t seemed like something I’d like to do. I would have been more than content to return to my Nyquil induced sleeping coma with the blankets pulled around my head, but despite the pure feeling of ick crawling through my body I did turn my laptop on to reintroduce myself to my characters. It has been so long since I have spoken to them that they seem like strangers in my life. That of course led to writing. I knocked out over 2000 words surpassing my 500 goal. Might not seem like a lot to some, but to me it’s a goal that has been reached and can be checked off. 1 goal at a time. 1 goal down. 1 more to go.

Listening to “Never Look Back” by Matthew Ryan

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