I am sitting and staring at a wall. Not a physical wall, but an imaginary one that is only there in fear. It’s the fear of failing or the fear of succeeding in a dream. I am so close to finishing The Dumbing Down of Love yet seem so far away. So I updated my Twitter status with that. Just to get it off my chest and the words of encouragement and support from friends was overwhelming. It makes me want to push myself harder and farther than I have been doing.

It’s nice to have people in your corner especially when you are staring at that imaginary wall and thinking of running into that good night. So as I sit and stare at the wall, I am encouraged to finish what I have started and pursue my dream. If I fail, then I will fail giving it my 110% and if I succeed, then I will succeed giving my 110% but also with the words and support of others.

They may not ever know how much they have helped me now, but one day, the will.

Listening to “Save Your Best for Me” by Steve Reynolds


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