This Week

I’m sitting here listening to my iPod & fighting sleep and a tickle in my throat. I will not be sick in Vegas. Do you hear me Universe? I WILL NOT BE SICK IN VEGAS.
I didn’t write last night & the 100 words I wrote tonight were pretty much crap. I don’t have the energy to keep my eyes open much less type 2000 words.
I’m still motivated to finish Lucifer’s Angel by the end of the year. I have some serious doubts I will have 50,000 words written by midnight on 11.30.09 for NaNoWriMo. I think it should be moved to another month. One that doesn’t include my birthday or a major holiday. That’s me being selfish though. I know that. Those events should be seen as challenges and I know that as well.
Alas, this week will not be conducive to writing. There’s a goodbye hang out for a mom to be, a birthday party other than my own, a hockey game with friends, being there for a good friend in her time of need, listening to my sister vent about life, listening to my brother-in-law question the use of a Sham-Wow, being there for my niece who lost her dog of 10 years and rocking the other niece who just had eye surgery to sleep. Did I mention I need to pack for said trip to Vegas, pick up my dad’s check, pay his bills, pay my own bills, and somewhere find the time to squeeze in a workout, 8 eight hours of sleep, 9 hours of work, eat, laundry, cleaning, & writing.
I guess if I were going to break down, it would be this week, but life is life. So what if I don’t reach my 11,900 word goal this week. Next week while on the rest of my vacation home, I buckle down write the words I missed plus 11,900 more words.
I use to let all the above get me down about not writing, but as long as I’m writing, I’m happy. All the things above are part of what makes me happy. This week wasn’t my week to be selfish and shut out the world. That’s what next week is for.
This week is about love and being here for friends and family.
This week is about positive universal vibes.
This week is about others.
Next week is about me.
Listening to “That Makes Me” by Chris Young