Lucky 13

So my Friday the 13th has been fan-freaking-tastic.
1) a little self pampering with a manicure, pedicure, & eyebrow wax.
2) Lunch and shopping with one of my best friends Kathy
3) a surprise party from Adrienne, Amy, Emilie, Jeannine, Joe, Johnny, Kim, Mark, Patrick, Shawn complete with chocolate cake & sparkler candles (note on sparkler candles…they don’t go out so easily)
4) hockey game with Adrienne, Amy, Emilie, Joe, Johnny, Kim, Mark, & Shawn
5) I got to ride the freaking zamboni @ the Checkers game (I was 150% more excited to ride the zamboni than the little boy with me.)
6) I got to see Holly, Parker, & Allan before I went to Vegas & even got a birthday hug from Parker.
7) Did I mention, I got to ride the zamboni
8) The Checkers won.
9) Brixx for a late dinner afterward with Adrienne, Amy, Emilie, Joe, Kim, & Mark that included A LOT OF LAUGHTER and A LOT OF GREAT MEMORIES
10) Birthday Jager shot (courtesy of Aaron from Checkers – THANK YOU!)
11) A text from Jen A saying she’s a go for Vegas 🙂
12) The bracelet that Amy & Joe gave me. (Yes, the time is now!)
13) All the birthday wishes from friends & family
There are a thousand more reasons & I’m sure I haven’t included them. It’s 1:49 am and I’m pulling an all nighter since we are heading to the airport @ 445 am. I’m looking very forward to VIVA LAS VEGAS w/ Adrienne, Jen A, Jen C, & Mark. I don’t think Vegas knows what’s going to hit them!
I want to tell everyone that was with me today & who had a hand in making this the best birthday ever THANK YOU!
I am blessed and very fortunate to be surrounded by you. I am honored to have you in my life and honored to be a part of yours.