Exist Loudly

Rise Above It

10:07 pm on a Saturday…
I should be living it up right? Partying with friends? Watching my two favorite hockey teams battle it out at my favorite bar on TV? Creating havoc amongst the hearts of men?
Nah, not this girl. Not tonight.
Instead, I’m sitting in my comfy jammies in a candlelit room feeling a case of the blahs and a creative funk coming on.
Today has been a big case of blahs & self doubt.
I kind of had the wind knocked out of my writing sails. I read through my work in progress, found what had once inspired me, and my brain stalled out. I dig these two characters. They came to me out of nowhere. They were all that I have thought about for weeks and now, I just sit and think, now what. What cliche are you going to do now? Why are you worthy?
I shouldn’t be upset with them. They’re just characters. My reality has nothing to do with their world. Their world has nothing to do with my reality, but I have somehow let the two collide and it’s my own fault not theirs.
What’s a girl to do?
I looked at self-doubt, fought it, and then shoved it into the penalty box for instigating the blahs.
I looked at what had inspired me and let the memories of why it inspired me come back to me.
I don’t judge it.
I just rise above it.
Listening to “Live Forever” by The Rasmus

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