The Last 15,000

Last night as I sat down to write, the words were struggling to come out. I didn’t like the way the sounded together, apart, and so on. They didn’t move the story forward. They didn’t do anything. They just sat on the page mocking me. I studied my outline, read what I had written, and got nothing.
Today, I realized why the last 15,000 words are so difficult for me to write.
I simply don’t want to end this story. I love my characters. I love the story. I feel that if I finish it, a piece of me will be forever lost. A piece I cannot get back once it is gone. These two characters are pieces of my soul and I don’t want their story to end. I want to hang onto them as long as I can.
I realize I can’t though. If all goes well, I will have Barfly finished next week. I realize I have to let go and move on.
It is time for their story to end and for another to begin.
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