Nurturing Me

So, shoot me for doing something that I want to do and arranging my schedule to fit around it.
That’s what I wanted to say to people today. Not in a mean, screw you type way, but in a I have goals and I’m sorry you can’t understand or don’t understand.
First, I want to finish both novels that are cycling through my head by March 31st. This is a lofty goal. It’s an epic goal. I may not reach it, but I’m going to damn sure try. Between January 17th – March 31st, I have 74 days to write. Of those 74, I took 14 days off for whatever life may throw at me. That gives me 30 days to finish each novel. That’s 2667 words a night to reach a goal of 80,000 words. Plausible and possible. We’ll see. I won’t punish myself if I don’t reach it since my original goal was to finish 1 book per quarter.
Second, I will be going to every home game the Charlotte Checkers have. I rather enjoy hockey. No, I love hockey. I love the sound of the skates on the ice and for about 2 hours, I don’t have to be anywhere other than watching the game. It’s like meditation for me. I don’t think about work, about writing, about any problems I have etc. I think about only if the puck is going to make it into the net and what the stats of the team are and how they’re doing in the league, conference, division. If I had a NHL team, I’d be at everyone of their home games too. (Read my love of HOCKEY blog post for further info)
Third, I’m going to try like hell to at least write a blog a week but my goal is a blog entry a night. I enjoy letting the randomness of my head out into the world. It may not make sense, but it feels good to let go.
Fourth, I will take more time for me. I will sit and read more. I will write without guilt. I will go to concerts that I really do want to go to. I will go to a hockey game here and drive to DC to see the Rangers play and give myself a pat on the back for doing something that interests me. I will be more selfish with my time because quiet frankly, I gave a lot of myself last year to others, their time, their needs, etc, and I didn’t get a lot back.
It’s a new decade & a new year. It’s all about nurturing me, my spirit, and my soul.
If you don’t or can’t understand it, then I’m not going to apologize to you. I’m going to take care of number one, me, and I don’t feel guilty about it at all.
I’m going to be quiet happy and content.
Listening to “Superman is Dead” by The Floyds