Faith – noun
1. belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof
2. a system of religious belief, or the group of people who adhere to it
3. belief in and devotion to God
4. a strongly held set of beliefs or principles
5. allegiance or loyalty to somebody or something
I have questioned a lot about faith lately. The word faith, the belief in faith, what faith is, what it means to have faith, and so on.
I had faith my mom was going to get better. I had faith in someone above that wouldn’t take her from our family. I had faith in her to pull herself through the surgery. She didn’t get better. She died.
Her death made me question faith, made me question what do I have faith in now, what does it mean to me, and do I have a belief in faith.
In the movie Legion, a character asks the fallen angel “why do you still have faith if God doesn’t have faith in us?” (I won’t spoil the answer because I’m sure to get it wrong because it was beautifully scripted. Go see the movie. It’s really good.)
On my drive home, I asked myself what I had faith in and to be honest, I’m not sure anymore and I’m not sure if I ever will know the answer to that question. Then I thought, I have faith that my life will be what it should be and I will have what I need to get through this life. I have faith that tomorrow is another gift from the Universe. Does that fall under or anywhere near close to what the definition of faith is? Probably not.
I threw the definition of faith out the window and decided to make my own. Faith – to believe.
Here’s what I believe:
Tomorrow’s going to be better than today
Love of one’s self needs to exists in our hearts first before we can love someone else
Family is important
Friends who help you grow and are there as you grow are worth their weight in gold
Encouragement from others is like a wind in the sails of a boat
Believing in yourself is more important than what others believe in you or about you
The time is now and the past is dead and gone
Listening to “Good Times” by Tommy Lee