The A-T-L Recap

Let’s do a short recap of last week.
    Wed – Charlotte Checkers game with Nikki. I was as a good girl and went home early for the night due to the drive to Raleigh I would be doing on Thursday.  Checkers won 🙂
    Thurs – New York Rangers game @ Carolina Hurricanes. Nathan & I hit the road around 2 and hauled our asses to Raleigh. I can’t express how much I dislike Raleigh. I just think of it as the arm pit of NC.  Rangers lost 😦
    Fri – Charlotte Checkers game with Krissie. The exhaustion running through my body from the drive, kicked my booty, but I had to go see my favorite bar & bartenders. I also really just wanted a drink. Josh sends me a text about his date not going as planned and we shut down the bar with Nikki. The best laid plan of not staying out until 2 am, flew right out of the window. Got home at 2:30 am. Checkers lost 😦
    Sat – New York Rangers game @ Atlanta Thrashers.  Pick up Ronnie, drop Nick da Dog off at my dad’s and cruise to The ATL. Ronnie & I eat a late lunch/early dinner at the arena, meet up with Brady & his wife for a quick cocktail after the 1st, and then back to our seats for the rest of the game. Ronnie declared the game stressful and I told him he hadn’t seen anything yet because we were headed into over time which turned into a shoot out. Rangers won 🙂
    After the game, Ronnie & I meet up with Darrin at Clermont Lounge. I’ve been wanting to go to this bar just because of The Constellations song “Step Right Up.”  There’s a drinking game or a could be a drinking game by the band. Clermont Lounge is Atlanta’s oldest strip bar and you must go at least once in your life. It’s not your typical strip club, but it may be one of my favorite strip clubs ever.  So after Clermont, we drop cars off at Darrin’s house and head over to East Point Tavern (Darrin’s version of The Gin Mill) and meet up with a gaggle of Darrin’s friends which were renamed to Gaggle of Gays. We shut the bar down and some of us return to Darrin’s for tequila shooting, drinking, dance party USA! Some people drunk dial or drunk text, I drunk tweet! 6:30 in the morning, I crawled into an empty bed and passed the hell out.
    Sun – Brunch plans turned into 2 pm late lunch at Front Page News but only after Darrin & I recapped the previous night through the tweets I have tweeted. Ronnie & I say goodbye and pour ourselves into my car for a long ride home.
Here’s what I learned over those 4 days:
    Sleep might be over rated when you’re having fun, but it’s wonderful when you need to recharge your batteries. I’m still not fully recovered.
    I love the gay boys. I love their freedom to have fun and their shamelessness.
    I like Atlanta better than Raleigh, but I hate driving in either city.
    NY Ranger fans are some of the greatest fans. Rangers & Red Wings fans know their team through and through.
    I love talking hockey and getting someone else to enjoy the game. I wanted the Rangers to win but since it was Ronnie’s 1st hockey game, I was kind of hoping for OT and a shoot out. I got it, and we won.
    According to Sean, “Alcoholism is the best disease ever.”
    “Don’t Take My Mind on a Trip” by Boy George is still a great song after all this time.
    BT’s “Never Wanna Come Back Down” is brilliant
    Big Wreck’s “That Song” will make everyone sing out loud at 4 am.
A-T-L I’m not sure if you know what hit you over the weekend, but you kicked me in my imaginary balls. I’ll see you again in February!