Exist Loudly

Weekend Lessons

This Memorial Day weekend was full of fun, laughter, loving, and life lessons. The life lesson parts you had to pay attention for or you would have missed the lesson.
Here’s what I learned this weekend:
– Laughter is therapeutic for the soul. Uncontrollable from the heart and soul laughter cleanses the body. Thanks to all that made me laugh this weekend. Thanks to all that laughed.
– An argument between friends is sometimes needed especially if a friend has had a lot of things happen in their life. They just need to vent and it’s okay to let them. They’ll feel better in the end and you’ll actually be okay because you learned the truth. It’s not friendship ending. It’s honest and raw. Life is like that.
– A sing-a-long to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” is down right fun and brings people together. And if the next song is “Open Arms” it is also another sing-a-long. Air guitar on a can and a crutch for a mic stand are essentials for this.
– Humanity and kindness in strangers does exist.
– Chivalry isn’t dead.
– A meal made from the heart with the emotions of life, love, and laughter is the only way to share a meal with friends and family.
– I have a lot of OCD friends and I love them all for it because I am the same.
And my 2 favorite lessons that I learned this weekend are:
– Humanity and kindness in strangers does exist.
– Chivalry isn’t dead.
My faith in mankind was restored by small gestures and big gestures of people.
Listening to “Births, Deaths, & Marriages” by 26