Exist Loudly

Thinking of You

Here’s a letter from Daddy to you…

Hey Honey,
Was sitting here thinking about you,which is every minute. Most of my family and my friends think I’m a cold hearted bastard for not showing any emotions. It’s true I don’t show them but I do when I’m by myself. I just don’t let them see it. It all caught up with me. I’ve taking lives in the name of war .I’ve had 2 grandparents pass away…aunts, nephews, best friends, and my oldest brother and now you. But last week while returning from a trip to California I was driving along late in the evening when a little yellow kitten ran out in the road. I tried to miss it but to no avail. I stopped and walk back to the kitten and it was crushed real bad. Only it’s little back leg was moving. I carefully picked it up and walked back to my truck and the whole time its little back leg was twitching. I laid it on the ground and the only thing I could find was a stick and a can so I could dig a hole. As I was digging the hole I was slobber-slotting like a little kid. I heard someone come up behind me and I looked and it was a state trooper. He saw what I was doing and turned around and left. I went back to digging, the trooper came back up behind me and I turned and he handed me a small shovel. I finished the hole and put the kitten in it and covered him up. I drove the stick into the ground and put the can on top. I got up,with slobber and snot and tears running down my cheek and gave the trooper back his shovel. He also had tears running down his cheek. He took his shovel went back to his car and left. There never was a word spoken the whole time. I got back in my truck and just cried for 30 minutes. As I looked at your picture I felt as you were saying to me, its ok. I LOVE YOU and it won’t be long before we see each other again. I’m going to bed now and try to sleep but I think of you as I sleep.