Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life – June 2010

As I sit and reflect on June, I am glad to say I am honored it was a month that gave me moments of reflection, peace, and a little bit of pain. I celebrated my mom’s birthday with great friends listening to music and was able to celebrate with family the following day. I realized I was needed as a pillar of strength to my niece and I discovered that my dad is going to be just fine. A reconnection with an old friend proved she’s still a fighter as she battles cancer again. A solo road trip lead to the epiphany that my real life began at that moment. And two days from now, my dad celebrates his 58th birthday.
“Calendar & Clocks” by Gareth Asher
I’ve loved Gareth’s voice ever since I heard him in Illbreak. There’s just something very old, wise, and soulful about his voice. His new CD has a ton of great songs but this song is on an EP and is a gem. Lyrically beautiful and musically stunning. I just love the lyrics “If it’s the wrong way baby. Maybe, it’s the right time. If you can hear me lady, lover you’d be mine.”
“Ricochet” by Shiny Toy Guns
This is a song that got stuck in my head nightly for weeks. I’d find myself singing as I stared at the ceiling trying to sleep. I’ve always liked this song. I like the way that Chad & Sisely’s voice compliment each other. And seriously, they use the word mesocyclone in the lyrics!
“Elastic Love” by Christina Aguilera
I’ve always that Christina or Xtina could sing. I’m not a music snob and will admit talent. So I gave her new CD a listen and was well pleased. This is by far my favorite track and I like it because it’s fun. Lyrically, musically, & vocally it’s a fun song.
“Nothing” by Miggs
I’ve seen Miggs live several times & it’s always great. I was able to catch the band live in early June and found myself singing the lyrics “Just for the record the weather today is pretty damn cloudy with a little burst of pain,” for two days before the show. I just like the way those words paint a picture in my head. The lyrics also described a day where everything seemed to fail me but you just knock the dust off your boots or in my case flip flops and keep on trucking.
“August Summer Dress” by Matthew Ryan
I adore Matthew Ryan. His voice has a hold on me and I am listening intently to it, his lyrics, his music. This song popped into the iTunes shuffle and as I listened to it, this movie played out in my head. His music has a way of coming to life through speakers if you listen.
“Six Feet Above” by Evan Watson & The Headless Horsemen
My friend Krissie does a mix of songs for every season and this is from her Summer Mix. I finally had the chance to listen to this mix on my way to Asheville on June 24th and it ended up being the soundtrack of the day. There were a lot of good songs but 2 stood out and this one was one of them. I really dig Evan’s voice and looking at a picture of him his face doesn’t match his voice but I really like the way his haunts the song. The song also rung a bell with me with the title & the lyric “I guess it’s bad just to set you free.” And the moment I heard that line, I looked up at the blue skies and knew that my mom was smiling down on me. She might have left this world but I only have to look up to see her.
“Waiting for My Real Life to Begin” by Colin Hay
The 2nd song that is from Krissie’s mix. This song brought tears to my eyes as I listened to it. It was another epiphany song and I felt like it was my mom singing to me…”Be still, my love. Open up your heart. Let the light shine in.”
As Krissie said in her song notes “Live your life. Every day. Your life is happening now…”