Dear Life

This was from yesterday’s comic. I love this comic & read it daily. We all feel how Rat does every now and then and today, after receiving a phone call from a friend, I thought of this comic for him. He’s been through a lot and this last bit of news that was given to me today was something that I didn’t see coming but he called and asked for a female perspective. I don’t know the whole story as he’s out of pocket and on the road so I’m waiting to listen and be there for a friend.
But I know I will tell him this, life doesn’t give you more than you can’t handle. The actions that happen in life are there for a reason. Some of the actions suck and seem life ending. Some actions are merely a bump in the highway of life. It might leave you with a flat tire and stranded on the side of the road for a bit. It might even knock the wind out of your sails, but every obstacle and brick wall are there not to keep you out of life and away from what you want but merely a test to see how bad you want something. You can let the wall/obstacle keep you away from your dream or you can knock that wall down and overcome that obstacle and obtain your dreams.
So, my message to anyone who reads this is just these lyrics from Jimmy Buffett
Nothing can tear you apart
If you keep living straight from the heart
Though you know that you’re gonna hurt some
The magic will come
If you keep living straight from the heart
you will know when to stop and to start
Once you see that no one really wins
Then the magic begins
If you only see the negativity of life, you miss all the parts of life that are magical, beautiful, and inspiring. Don’t give up on your dreams and never give in.
Listening to “The Oaf” by Big Wreck

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