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A Good Day

Today wasn’t all good. There was some bad, but you know what, life is too short to be bitter, to be angry, and to dwell on the bad parts of my day.
Today was a good day.
At Bloom, the customer service agent at the main desk, was smiling, happy, and because she was smiling and happy, so was I. I was already in a good mood having decided I was going to have a pizza & wine night. Thursday nights when I lived at home with my mom and Riley spent the night, it would be cookies & milk night for Riley and cookies and wine for me. Riley would stay up until 9 pm and we’d watch whatever she wanted to watch. At 9 when she went to sleep, I’d flip to Grey’s Anatomy and finish off the night with wine. I need to get back into a rhythm of doing something that I enjoy and I think today and every Thursday possible will be pizza & wine night. While at Bloom, I bought pizza and while checking out, I noticed the store was collecting Gatorade for a local kids athletic sports club. It was on special as well 10 for $10. Add it to my bill. It was for a good cause and it was going local. That part though making me feel warm & fuzzy, didn’t nearly make me smile as much as my cashier Rita did. She let out a “WOOT! WOOT!” and gave every single bottle she swiped across the scanner a WOOT! I walked out of the store feeling good I did something for local kids and smiling because Rita’s infectious WOOT seeped right into my bones. I came home, flipped the Mac open, and wrote an email to their corporate office. Customer service EXCELLENT.
But does that make it good day? Really?
Yeah, it does. Especially when you combine the following. I talked my Dad. I tried a great gluten free pizza and it was amazing. I tried Alice White Alexia white wine and it was great. I watched Mythbusters. I balanced my checkbook. I helped a friend set up her website & social networks for her business ventures.
And tomorrow’s going to be even better because no matter what happens during the day, I will be hanging with Sistah Bear Adrienne and laughing into the night and then Saturday, I’m going to a game of street hockey a try, hope I keep my teeth in my mouth, and laugh at the insanity that will ensue.
Yes, today was not only a good day, but tomorrow will be a great day!
Listening to “Next Life” by Crash Karma

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