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I Can’t, I Have Hockey

There is something relaxing about watching hockey in an arena.  Maybe it’s because for two hours, I can forget about anything that is outside of the arena.
I enjoy the chilly air in the arena, the heckling fans, the loving fans, the smell of stale beer and fried foods.  I like getting to a game early to watch the warm-ups too.  I love the sound of the blade cutting through the ice and the way the puck sounds as it “tinks” against the piping of a missed shot.
Today was my first game of the season (yes, pre-season) and the Charlotte Checkers lost to the Norfolk Admirals 1 to 4, but it didn’t matter because hockey is back.  NHL season starts this week and I couldn’t be happier to plant my butt on the couch and forget about the outside world for two hours.

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