The Band is Back Together

This weekend, the band got back together.
We celebrated Patrick and Jeannine’s wedding on Saturday, October 23, 2010.
It was the first time that myself, Patrick, Jeannine, Ashley & Jason, Mark, Johnny, Shappy & Lisa Marie were all together.  The last time we were all together was NYE 2007.  Pink Planes Over the Moon was born. FuckStick was born.  Rockband Battles and “can you count me in,” was born.
As Patrick prepared for his wedding, I gave him one piece of advice to get through the day.  Just breathe, have fun, and let us, your friends, celebrate you and Jeannine because the band is back.
So to Patrick and Jeannine, aka Patio-Furniture & J9, I wish you the best as Mr. & Mrs Patio-Furniture.  I’m so proud of you both and so honored I got to witness the beginning of the rest of your lives.