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Happy Anniversary

You and Daddy would have celebrated 36 years together this week. 36 years!! I don’t know if I should call Daddy and say something or if I should ignore it all together and let him bring it up. I don’t want it to be a sad day for him. I want it to be a good day for him. I want him to remember everything about you that made him happy and that made him love you. I want him to remember everything that made you happy and that made you love him.
I can’t imagine 36 years with someone. Hell, I can’t even imagine 36 minutes with someone. Your love didn’t jade me but gave me a standard that I know that can be reached, and I refuse to lower that standard. I hear you say to me, the right man will come along, but I think only a few people in the world are lucky enough to experience the kind of love you and Daddy had.
Happy Anniversary Mama. I know you are not here with us but I do know that you are here in spirit and that your husband loves you just as much as the day he married you.

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