Exist Loudly

When a Thank You Card isn’t Good Enough

Tuesday, November 16th, I will officially turn 1 year older (sorry to all you Facebook friends, you were early and I didn’t have the heart to tell you so, BUT thank you all for all the early birthday wishes. You all rock.)

But, last night, November 13th, I had a party to celebrate my birthday at my favorite bar, okay, the only bar I hang out at…The Gin Mill. It is my home away from home and my home away from work. I’ve lost count of how many nights I have hung out there but I haven’t lost the counts of laughter and fun I have there. They had booked a Jimmy Buffett cover band (one of my top five artists) and I figured, what the hell…let’s throw a party.

Instead of asking for a table to be reserved, I asked for my favorite corner of the bar to be reserved and Chris & the Crew hooked me up right…complete with sand, umbrellas, and enough Parrothead gear for everyone!

I can’t begin to say thank you enough to everyone which is why this blog is being written, but there are some people I need to give a shout out too.

The Gin Mill & Chris – thank you for all that you do for me…letting me crash your bar with my party, letting me watch hockey in the middle of football madness, and mostly for being the best damn bar in Charlotte. With you, I’ve grown, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and have had a lot of memorable nights there. Thank you!!!

Holly – though you could not be there, you were with me in spirit and your decorations were spot on! Thanks for being wonderful and for being you. I love you like a big sista! Your friendship means the world to me!

Suzanne – thank you for being “mom” and making sure I was not super over indulged with shots. Your shot time outs saved me from what surely could have been a train wreck of a night & remember, no one can beat our flavors. Fuck yeah!

Krissie – for cooking a kick ass meal and cupcakes and being my shoulder to lean on at 4 am. I’m so glad you were there to share my birthday with me girl. Your friendship is a blessing.

Jennifer – last night was no Vegas, but it was right on par with how much of a great time we have when we get together and party. Thank you for being a wonderful friend throughout all the years! Much love to you!

Kathy & Barry – our friendship has been over ten years and you guys have spent a lot of my birthdays with me. Thank you for adding one more to your belt! Love you guys!

In no particular order a HUGE GROUP THANKS to Tracy, Anthony, Patrick, Special Ed, Tracie, Rozak, DZL, Johnny, Jeff, Emily Beth, Jack Daniel, & Meg (and if I forgot anyone, I’m sorry I’m just going by the card) – boy do you peeps know how to surprise a girl! When I put the wish out into the universe for a ticket to the Rangers vs Caps game in NYC, I didn’t think the wish would really come true! You guys are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for the ticket. You have made the wish this Rangers fan and I will truly enjoy my first Rangers game at the Garden. Please know, I love you all from the bottom of my heart and that you are fabulous. I’m so glad to not only call you co-workers and friends, but family too!

Tracy – thank you for all that you did, the candy (which I will curse you ever time I eat), and for the Massage Envy card. You are going to go far in life and don’t ever believe you need to settle for anything other than the best of the best.

Emily Beth – thank you for being a shrimp…in real life and for dressing up as one last night. Also thank you for the Massage Envy card too. You might like 12 year old music, but you’re a stand up grown up!

Mike K – thank you for dancing with me. You have a spot on my dance card anytime mister!

Kevin F – my sunshine, my fellow Scorpio – thank you for dancing with me during “Pirate Looks at Forty” – dancing with one of my favorite people to one of my favorite Buffett songs was a blessing.

Courtney – Happy Birthday to my fellow Scorpio-Rabbit. May we celebrate each birthday together in person or in spirit!

And finally, because the list of those who were there is a mile long, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of those that came out last night, bought me a shot, a drink, gave me a hug, said happy birthday and just had a great time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now as Jimmy Buffett sings “On the night wind that takes me just where I want. That’s all I want La Vie Dansante.”

Thank you to you all one final time for “La Vie Dasante.” I’m glad you are part of my “dancing life.”