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The Last Holiday

Who knew that last Thanksgiving would be my last Thanksgiving with my mom?  Who knew it would be the last holiday I ever spent with her?
Thanksgiving wasn’t a huge holiday in our family.  My mom didn’t eat turkey.  My dad was on the road.  My sister has her in-laws, and before all that happened, we still didn’t do a traditional turkey day.
Last year though, I had just moved into my apartment and wanted my family over and Kathy and her family over.  I wanted to say thanks to everyone.
This year…I just don’t want to be around anyone.  I’m grateful for all the invitations and support, but my head’s a mess and it’s a mess that doesn’t want to be around people.  I plan on curling up on my couch with my dog and watching a Mythbusters marathon if it’s on or all the DVR’d episodes of Hawaii Five-0 again.
Holidays just aren’t the same anymore.  No holiday is like the last holiday you spend with the ones you love when they were alive.
Listening to “Back to the Island” by Jimmy Buffett

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