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Take Another Road

“Take another road to a hiding place. Disappear without a trace. Take another road to another time…Never look back, this is my plan…Leave my fears behind…Take my own sweet time…Ocean’s on my mind.” ~Jimmy Buffett
As I sat around today reflecting, I realized that Thanksgiving has truly become The Last Holiday and with the news of my grandfather slowly slipping away from this earth, I went out last night with a purpose…a purpose to forget my troubles and I succeeded.  I was trashed within hours.  It happens when you mix tequila, crown, & vodka.  I woke with a slight headache & the queasies.
I also woke up with a message that my grandpa had passed away earlier in the morning. He went peacefully and quiet. Just like he was when he was alive.  91 years young.  1 loving wife.  6 kids.  12 grandkids.  15 great grandkids.  That’s quite a life…that’s a great life.
I’ve decided that I’m looking for a new tradition on Thanksgiving…I think I’m going to call Thanksgiving, The Last Holiday from here on out.  Celebrate the lives of the ones gone.  I’ll take another road like the song lyrics suggest and perhaps find an ocean to sit and stare out at.

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