The Hockey Maven

The New York Rangers

I love hockey.  I’d like to thank Michael for getting me into the sport years ago, and I’d like to thank him for making one of my favorite teams be the Detroit Red Wings because they were also his favorite team.  They still are one of my favorite teams.  My other favorite team is The NY Rangers.  I won’t even lie and say I picked that team based on skill, tradition, etc.  I made that team my favorite team because I saw Henrik Lundqvist in a post game interview, but now, I can quote NYR stats like I can quote DET stats.
I have 5 things on my hockey bucket list:
  • see DET play any team
        Finally saw DET play ATL on Nov. 23, 2010 @ ATL with my niece. It was her first hockey game and my first DET game. We lost badly, but the experience to share it with my niece was priceless.
  • see NYR play any team
        Saw NYR play CAR in Feb @ CAR with my fellow NYR fan Johnny and new hockey fan Kim. It was my first NHL game and we won.
  • see DET play @ Joe Louis Arena
  • see NYR play @ Madison Square Garden
  • see the Stanley Cup final game
I made it to Madison Square Garden to see The NY Rangers play on Sunday, December 12, 2010 and the team did not disappoint.  7 goals to the Washington Capitals 0 goals.  Dubinsky scored a hat trick, Lundqvist was a ninja in the net, and the atmosphere of 18,000 Rangers fan coming together for 1 team, was amazing.  If you were a Caps fan, you were buried by Blueshirt fans.  There are times when I’ve gone to an arena and the visiting team fans outweigh the home team fans (DET vs ATL) but at MSG or The Garden, the home team had the advantage.  The fans lift the team when needed and will surely give the team grief when something is going wrong.