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PEP – Songs of 2010

Because my friends and I are music junkies, we formed a little dinner/music club called Pink Elephant Party. Each PEP we gather at someone’s house with a 10 song playlist of music that we think the others should know/hear or we follow a theme. We did playlists based on Covers, Numbers, Holiday Songs, etc.
In January, we decided to recap the songs that meant something to us in 2010.  As I drove around town listening to my PEP Songs of 2010 list, I realized, that it meant more to me than I had originally thought.  The songs were a reflection of where I came from, what had happened in the past, and where I was now.
-Elastic Love by Christina Aguilera
    This song is just down right catchy & it’s a perfect description of feeling something for someone and that back & forth you feel.
-Step Right Up by Constellations
    This song is a bar crawl in a song. Tour all of Atlanta’s bars and have a drink with the band. I’m working on the bar crawl.
-Mocking Bird by Michael Tolcher
    I cannot get enough of this song. I love, love, love it. They lyrics are exactly what I feel “I’ve by locked up by this winter coat way to long. Take me on a journey, lift me to a higher ground…make me happy, make me wanna dance, make my forget why I’m feeling low, make me wonder, make wanna sing, make me cry, but make me feel loved.”
-Rolling in the Deep by Adele,
    I’m a lyric person. I connect on that level to most of the music I listen to, and the lyrics “Go ahead and sell me out and I’ll lay your shit bare, See how I’ll leave with every piece of you, Don’t underestimate the things that I will do, There’s a fire starting in my heart, Reaching a fever pitch and it’s bring me out the dark.”  And though I’m sure she wrote this towards someone, I finally had peace with my mom’s death and the scars on my heart because of that, well, it did leave me breathless, but I rolled on with my life and through some dark emotions to come out okay.
-Powder Blue Trans Am by Amy Correia
    I heard this song on WNCW while running an errand for work, and it reminds of “The Gin Mill Girls” which is 5 of us and if you listen to the lyrics, it’s a riot because at one point or another, the lyrics have come out of my mouth, Krissie, Suzanne, Heather, or Nikki’s mouth.
-All You Need Is Now by Duran Duran
    Title says it all…“all you need is now.” Tomorrow or the past won’t make a difference but now will.
-Energy by Crash Karma
    Another lyric song “It’s time for change, so break through these chains that hold you down and feel your heart beat so loud. The moment is now. So leave the crowd, go find your crown, your life starts now. Feel the energy.”  And I love Edwin’s voice. I just connected with it.
-Fire with Fire by Scissor Sisters
    You could say I had a lot of closure in 2010 and I’m glad for it. I got closure, I got peace. I’m still alive and as my mom would say “It’s a long way from your heart,” and though her death was devastating to me and my family, it would not kill us.  I cried when I first heard this song and it was only because it was something my mom would say to me.
-Right Now by Ryan Star
    “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow may not come. I’m gonna run to the horizon, We are strong, We are young. I’m gonna lay on the ground, Feel the rain that’s coming down. And there’s nothing anyone, could do or say to bring me down. Right Now.”
    Became my motto the first time I heard it.  Enough said.
-Knee Deep (featuring Jimmy Buffett) by Zac Brown Band
    I love the ocean. I love Jimmy Buffett and any sort of music that takes me to that island state of mind is a perfect song for me.

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