Closer to the Edge

New Tattoo: The Outline

On Friday, December 3, 2010, I finally went to get a tattoo. The design has been in the works just 2 weeks shy of a year.
This is not my 1st tattoo. It is my 8th tattoo.
My 1st tattoo was when I was 18 years old. It’s on my right shoulder blade and is a tiny bear holding a flower. It is not a Grateful Dead bear. It doesn’t even look like a Grateful Dead bear. It looks like my Mr. Snuggle teddy bear from my childhood. My 2nd is of Woodstock the peanuts character on the side of my foot. It hurt like a a son-of-bitch. My 3rd tattoo is of my Chinese zodiac sign on the back of my neck.. My 4th tattoo is of a butterfly on my lower back and I got this years before it was designated a tramp stamp, followed by the Godsmack starburst/sunburst (no, I’m not a big fan of the band, I just always liked the design) underneath the zodiac sign, followed by my initial “S” with an orchid for my mom & an Air Force Symbol for my dad on my left shoulder blade. Finally, about 3 years ago, I got a self created tattoo on my wrist. It’s of a bass clef shaped into a heart that’s shaped in a 4 leaf clover.
The 7 tattoos are no bigger than 1 to 2 inches wide or long. Number 8, it’s a big’un. It’s almost a half sleeve that will wrap around the initial tattoo on my left shoulder.
Once I had a general idea of what I wanted, I started my research on tattoo shops & got opinions of friends who had gotten tattoos. I made an appointment at Fu’s Custom Tattoos and met with tattoo artist Travis. I knew what I wanted but no idea on how to get the pieces together. I gave Travis complete creative control and faith and trust.
What I knew I wanted were the lyrics “I will never forget. I will never regret. I will live my life closer to the edge,” from the 30 Seconds to Mars song called “Closer to the Edge.” I don’t know or care what Jared & crew were inspired by to write this song, all I knew was that it inspired me after my mom passed away in December 2009. I also knew I wanted a lotus flower as a tribute to my mom. Details, Travis could handle.
So I sat my butt down at Fu’s Custom Tattoos for a little ink…okay, a lot of link.
I went for just the outline in this session and it wasn’t because I couldn’t handle the pain but because I want my artist just as focused and on top of his game. This is permanent you know. Giving Travis a break out of respect of his time consuming grueling work is just a way to say thanks for all the pain.
It wasn’t painful though…or should I say it wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be. There were 3 bad parts and the pain lasted about 10 seconds total. Travis isn’t heavy handed (which in tattoo language means I didn’t feel the needles piercing my bone…okay, not really, but there was a time I had to look down just to make sure there was a tattoo gun in his hand). Yes, I do also love the sound of a tattoo gun.
So check back to this blog after December 27th when the color comes flooding in and if you get an itching for a tattoo, I recommend Travis at Fu’s Custom Tattoos.