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Why You Should Follow Paul Bissonnette on Twitter

Reasons from me the Rock Goddess and the END’s local hockey maven
Love Twitter or Hate Twitter – there’s good reasons to follow NHL player Paul Bissonnette

The basics:
* Paul Bissonnette plays for the Phoenix Coyotes.
* Yes Phoenix, the arid desert, has an ice hockey team. (Okay, I really don’t know if it’s arid, but I know it’s not conducive to winter mixes like here in the Queen City.)
* No, the Coyotes don’t suck either. They are currently 2nd in the Pacific Division, 7th in the Western Conference, and 14th in the League. (There are 30 teams in all).
* Mr. Bissonette doesn’t get a lot of ice time roughly 30 minutes in the last five games as of 12.01.10 but he’s not bitter about it.

Why you should follow him on Twitter:
* This is his second Twitter account…which is @BizNasty2point0 GO FOLLOW HIM NOW. I’ll wait. (With his original twitter @PaulBizNasty, he was asked by his agent to remove it saying nothing good come of it. The agent was wrong & Biz Nasty came back to the land of Twitter.)
* He is honest. (Great win in Calgary. Man the have great clips during TV time outs on the jumbotron. Keeps this plug happy. Playd 6 minutes, No Big Deal…from Nov 18th)
* He is funny as hell. (At the mall. Just told a guy who looked like a girl he was in the wrong washroom. Wow. Wish I could have taken a pic. Crazy…from Nov 26th)
* He can dish a snide comment but he can also take any of the negative comments & snide remarks. (Retweet from a fan: @BizNasty2point0 normally, when hockey players play hockey, they get sleepy. you wouldn’t know that 😉 …from Nov 29th – this ice time is a reference to his lack of time on the ice and how he started a Twitter trend that was #GetsMoreIceTimeThanBizNasty)
Even if you don’t like hockey, you can follow along with Biz Nasty on his daily jaunts. What other sports star is going to be honest and open? What other sports star is going to show you the cleaning supplies he bought at Wal-Mart?

Watch Coyote Snapshot: Paul Bissonnette from FoxSports Arizona. It’s great!
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