Closer to the Edge

Ink, Needles, And A Tattoo Gun

On Thursday, January 27, 2011, I started the outline & color of the back/shoulder piece of my tattoo with Travis @ Fu’s Custom Tattoos

I find that tattoo experience only quasi painful and oddly stress relieving. Between the sounds of the tattoo guns buzzing, the music playing over head, and the sound of conversations from others in the shop, when I enter Fu’s Custom Tattoos, I immediately feel excited about getting a tattoo and feel a calmness wash over me.

Call me sadistic, call me strange, I really don’t care. I love tattoos.

This tattoo is my biggest tattoo. I really wanted the sleeve to come around my shoulder and incorporate another tattoo I already had. It’s on an “S” with an Air Force symbol for my dad and an orchid for my mom. As you can see from the picture, it’s not as pretty or nice as the ones that Travis has tattooed on me, but he has free range and artistic control over the tattoo and how to make the “old” one look like it belongs with the new ones.

The back of the shoulder and back area, I must say, is a bit more painful than the arm, but I found that if I closed my eyes and focused on breathing, then it was easier to deal. There was one really sensitive part when Travis it with a needle, I got a cold chill. And it just didn’t happen once, but several times. It’s hard to explain to your artist that you have to pause a second to shake a cold chill off.

I’ll be seeing Travis again in February for the background of the tattoo with a little drop shadowing and gray shadowing or shading. Not really sure which one he said right now.

Again, I cannot express how happy I am with Travis as my artist and with Fu’s Custom Tattoos.

If you’re itching or have questions about getting a tattoo, please visit Fu’s Custom Tattoos and ask for Travis. Check out his work on Fu’s Facebook page.