Closer to the Edge

New Tattoo: The Color

On December 27, 2010, I started the coloring session of my new tattoo with Travis @ Fu’s Custom Tattoos
So what hurts the worst between the outline and coloring?
Hands down, the coloring hurt the most BUT the day after, the place where the tape clung to my skin over night hurt the worst. No lie. The tape and I aren’t friends.
I can happily say though, Session 2…done.
Again, it wasn’t painful as I thought it was going to be but there were parts that did make me think “why am I doing this to myself?” As I said before, the pain only lasted for a few seconds before moving on. Luckily though, I’m guessing my tolerance for pain and the idea of breathing the pain away helped me cope because the poor girl next to me was crying a river of tears. She was getting her side/rib cage tattooed and I can only imagine that if her facial expression was the expression of her true pain, then that is probably her first and last tattoo she will ever get.
Travis @ Fu’s Custom Tattoos again is a true artist. I couldn’t be happier with the design and then once the color was added in, I was truly elated with the artwork and the design.
The color is done. The next appointment is for the back of the shoulder piece that will be done in January and then the 4th session will be the background of the tattoo.
Next appointment is January 27th – So check back to this blog for the back of the shoulder piece and if you get an itching for a tattoo, I recommend Travis at Fu’s Custom Tattoos. You can see more his work on their Facebook page under
Photos and then look for the Travis Lakeman Gallery.
Again, I also recommend that you get the tattoo you want for yourself, not what you think will make you look like Billy Badass