Scorpios and Rabbits…the rebirth.

Here’s another one of my alter egos.  I have several.  My real self and all it’s glory is Shelia Taylor and my hockey self The Hockey Maven and now Scorpios and Rabbits…the rebirth.

I started this years ago and then merged it with my Shelia Taylor domain. I was getting lazy and didn’t want to have to write for 2 websites, but now, as I’m a bit older, I think I should go back and write for sites.  While I’ll leave the Shelia Taylor domain for writing and random thoughts, I want to use this one for my personal use of mood and such.  I’ll cross post from each site, but just like my hockey blog, I wanted to keep parts of my life separate for those that don’t care about all of me or my likes.  If you want all of me, follow this and the writing focused website.

So why Scorpios and Rabbits you ask?

That’s me.  I’m a Scorpio in the Zodiac and I’m a Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac.

This is me. These are my thoughts.  Enjoy.