Strangers to Friends

I’ve been in a mood over the last 2-3 weeks. Winter funk, blah funk, or just down…not sure, but what I am sure about was that I needed a soul cleansing.

For my soul cleansing, I normally clean out the closet of crap I don’t need. Clean the house out as well, and clean out the office. Those that work with me like it when I clean the office. They benefit from the random free tickets, videos, cds, etc that never get picked up. This time though, I decided to weed the garden of friends. What is weed the garden of friends? It’s getting rid of the negative people, the downers, the naysayers, & so on. I did this in real life and in the social media world. Unfollowing people I no longer had interest in, grouping people I was interested into a list because they were so many, deleting “friends” in Facebook, and so on. God it felt good. Even better, I didn’t feel guilty about it, and if anyone tried to make me feel guilty about it, my response was “how often have we communicated in the last 30 days.”

So last night, I went to the hockey game and after the game, I went with a friend’s friend to Buffalo Wild Wing. She was passing her way through and they were meeting up after the game, but instead of sending her away, I said I’d go and keep her company. I’m glad I did.

Carlyn told me about her website and how it started and as we sat and talked about everything from traveling, to death, to new beginnings, and previous lives, I realized that she was sent to my life for a reason. She was sent to me for me to see the signs the Universe was throwing at me. She opened my eyes a bit wider and made me aware of things. I cannot thank Carlyn enough for that. More importantly, I turned a stranger into a friend.

Then today, I had lunch with J9. It was just the 2 of us and I forgot how much I miss J9 and how much fun I have with her. She’s been busy with her life…getting married, doing adult things that I don’t do as an adult, and living her life, but as always, we make time for each other. She’s married to my “baby bear bro” Patio O-Furniture so we keep up even it’s only through Patio. Again, I realized as we sat and talked about travels that again, the Universe had sent J9 to my life not only for catching up over lunch but just remind me of last night and that I had to have my eyes open a bit wider and to remind myself that I just need to do what I do and great things will come your way.

So as the motto of site says “the journey of a friendship begins with 2 strangers”

So thank you to all the strangers that have become my friends and to the strangers I don’t know yet, I look very forward to calling you a friend in the future. Until then, keep your eyes open to signs from the Universe.

Listening to “Hard Way” by Thirsty Merc