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CD Review: Different Gear, Still Speeding by Beady Eye

Beady Eye features all the members of Oasis but Noel Gallagher.

Magazines, blogs, etc have Liam claiming that he aspires this band to bigger than The Beatles, but just set those crazy attention grabbing headlines aside and listen to the music.  That’s what is about in the end.

The music.

And the music is good. Good fun. Good rock. Good to move to. 13 songs & 52 minutes of good. There were a couple of tracks I had to look at to make sure I wasn’t listening to The Beatles. “The Roller,” “For Anyone,” and “Standing on the Edge of the Noise,” could have been songs the Fab Four sang but instead they are Beady Eye’s Fab Four songs. “Wigwam” reminds of Oasis, and my favorite track is “Kill for a Dream.” I loved the lyrics to this song.

I give this 3.5 stars out of 5.
Definitely a purchase I would not regret and a cd that would constantly suprise me when it popped into my iTunes on Shuffle Mix

Watch the video for “The Roller

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