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CD Review: Several Shades of Why by J. Mascis

Do you remember Dinosaur Jr’s “Feel the Pain”? Neither did I. I know Dinosaur Jr. I know the song “Feel the Pain,” but I could have never connected the two.

What does that have to do with J. Mascis? J. Masics was founder of Dinosaur Jr.

When I grabbed the CD off of DZL’s desk, I didn’t recognize the name of the artist. Hell, I couldn’t even know for sure what the name of the artist was. (Album cover below). I thought the alumb cover was cool. Yes, I totally judged an album by it’s cover and I’m glad. This is a great little folk, singer songwriter, acoustic CD. I hate labels but this CD is all of the mentioned.

J. Mascis’ voice is a bit raspy but quiet and soothing (I hope that makes sense to others). It’s a cloudy rainy day here in Charlotte, NC and these songs fit the mood of the weather perfectly but with a bit of sunshine coming through the clouds.

I give it 3 of 5 stars.


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