Exist Loudly

Happiness is Coming

“And I saw just how it goes, out on that old two-lane road. I’d been saving time for another life.
Maybe happiness is coming but you don’t know when.”
“Gravity” by Angie Aparo

I hadn’t listened to or even thought about the song “Gravity” by Angie Aparo in forever. I was on my way to Raleigh to see the Detroit Red Wings take on the Carolina Hurricanes (DET lost) and I was pumped full of sugar from 2 packs of Starbursts, 1 stick of Laughy Taffy, and Doritos. The word sugarbuzz kept going through my head which reminded me of the song “Sugarbuzz” by Marvelous 3. Obviously, I had to listen to it. I hit the genius mix and let it play. “Gravity” appeared and as the above lyric was sung, I burst into tears. I had always loved the song but it had a complete new meaning as I headed down I-40.

I’ve said in previous posts that I’m trying to live the life I missed out on in 2010 and pay attention to the things that I missed. The lyric “I’d been saving time for another life. Maybe happiness is coming but you don’t know when,” is what made start crying. It made me think of what I had put aside in my life and what I had sacrificed for the sake of . It made me realize that how I am living now is exactly what I’m suppose to be doing. Daydreaming about how I’m going to sit in a lounge chair in Key West with near equator sun beaming down on me. Plotting out adventures while I spend 18 glorious days in Australia. Imagining and hoping I hit the big score in Vegas, so I can pay for all my dreams to come true. I’m suppose to be living my life. I don’t need to save it for another time. The time is now.

If I should die tomorrow, I want to at least say this, I am happy. I am grateful. I am living and loving life. The world is my pearl for the taking while it rests in this magical place called the Universe.