Closer to the Edge

The New Tattoo


While getting the tattoo done, Travis said to me, “You have two tattoos that tell you to how live. You’ve got no choice now.”

He’s absolutely right too, and I told him, so far, I think I’ve got this living life to the edge down pat.

The above, my 9th tattoo is the constellation of the Southern Cross plus my favorite quote to myself from Say Anything “Dare to Be” and a reminder from a Jimmy Buffett song that “The time is now.”

This tattoo was just for me. A reminder to myself that life is short and the I’ll wait until <insert excuse> will no longer work. I can’t look in the mirror and give myself an excuse anymore. I have to just “dare to be” because “the time is now.”

There might not be time to dare to be tomorrow…

Listening to “Gasoline” by Burn Halo