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CD Review: This Is Gonna Hurt By Sixx: A.M.

First, I have to say, I’m a Nikki Sixx fan. I have loved him since I discovered the music of rock & roll. I covered my walls with posters of Motley Crue and Nikki Sixx. I think he is a creative genius. Look at Motley Crue, Brides of Destruction (wish he still worked with that band, they kind of tanked after he left), and Sixx: A.M. He’s best selling author and a hell of a photographer and then there’s that whole clothing line.

THIS IS GONNA HURT by SIXX: A.M. did not disappoint. There is always that sophmoric slump that some bands fall into and there are the bands that top the first album. I don’t think THIS IS GONNA HURT surpasses THE HERION DIARIES, but it definitely holds its own.

Track Break Down (my sole opinion of the tracks):
1. This is Gonna Hurt
I really think this song should have been the 1st single off the CD. It’s got an infectious chorus and a great bass rift. Favorite lyric from the song “Nothing is gonna keep you down, even if it is killing you. Cuz you know the truth. Listen up, listen up, the devil is in the church. Got a bullet in the chamber and this is gonna hurt.”
2. Lies of the Beautiful People
This is the first single from the CD. Watch the video below. I like the lyrics to this song. A song to remind you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
3. Are You With Me
A slower song. NOT A BALLAD. Just a slower tempo song compared to the 1st two tracks. Again, I love the lyrics to this song (I’m a lyric person). I find this song beautiful.
4. Live Forever     Love the bass/guitar in the opening of this song.
5. Sure Feels Right     This a slow song. Lyrically it reminds very much of Butch Walker and in the way James Michael carries his voice while singing. The 1st time I heard it, I wasn’t a fan but I really like the story telling of the song…as the song says, it sure feels right.
6. Deadlihood     I like some of the lyrics to this song and it’s probably my least favorite song on the CD.
7. Smile     Slow song. Ballad song. Song of warm & fuzzies. That’s all I can say about it.
8. Help is the Way     Good solid song lyrically, vocally, & musically. Title says it all. Infectious little ditty.
9. Oh My God     I really don’t have an opinion of good or bad on this song. Lyrics are strong, music is strong. I’m just in indifferent to the song which I feel is bad since to me the song feels like it’s trying to make a change in the world yet here I am on the fence about it. I can see this as a closing song. Do something better for the world song.
10. Goodbye My Friends     Don’t hate the song, but it became background noise to me.
11. Skin
Feels like the “sequel” to Lies of the Beautiful People. Good song reminding one to be who they are.

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