Soul in Wanderlust

Touched by Kindness

So I entered a contest to win $10,000 for a dream getaway. My dream getaway. Australia. Has been for 10 plus years, this year, I want it to become a reality so I entered this contest and I’m saving my money for it. The contest is a voting based and I sent a message out via Twitter & Facebook and to some co-workers. I mean, I have a 1 in 843 chance to win. If I didn’t at least try, I fail. Failure is not an option in my vocabulary this year. 2011 is the year of living the dream no matter how big or small.

The messages from friends and strangers retweeting my message and Facebook messages have been overwhelming. The kindness that is being generated and the positivity is worth it’s weight in gold. Even if I don’t win, I have won knowing I am associated with some pretty amazing and positive people. Some I know, some I’ve never met, some real life daily friends, some social media only friends, and they may see my thank you message back to them as a simple acknowledgement but it’s so much more to me.

I was once in such a dark place in my life that I knew that death would be a better option than living, but I also knew that no one would come to my funeral. I’m no longer in that dark place and haven’t been since I was in my twenties, but I know now, that people would come to my funeral. It’s through the kindness of others that has made my world a better place and continues to make my world a better place.

I’m a believer in the positive energy of the Universe and how one positive thing can multiply another positive thing tenfold. Pay it forward or just being kind to another. The Universe is better because of it.

Thank you everyone who’s voted for me and continues to vote for me. Your vote is not going unnoticed by me. Every vote means the world to me and every vote is a positive universal vibe you’re putting out to the Universe. So thank you for the positivity. Thank you for the kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To vote until April 26: