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Trouble Bound in Atlanta

I had been planning to go see The Kills in Atlanta for about a month. I adore this band. I was super stoked to be heading to one my favorite places to visit. The A-T-L. The last time I was in Atlanta, I had more fun than one human should be allowed to have and I laughed more than one human should be allowed to laugh, and this Atlanta trip was no different.

Back up to Friday…The awesomely funny and fellow Good Time Activist, Heather, and I were exchanging texts about what were doing this weekend. I was going to ATL and her roommate, fellow Good Time Activist, Nikki, was going to spend it with family. Being the instigator I am, I asked Heather to come along and the impromptu road trip for her was born.

Saturday morning @ 8:30 am, the HOTlanta trip started with this text from Heather: Vodka? My response was: Duh. She was recovering from Vegas still. I was recovering from my Thursday night impromptu fun. The drive down to Atlanta was easy breezy. Most of the holiday traffic was gone and the cloudy skies parted to blue skies and sunshine. We check into Hotel Indigo in Midtown Atlanta and we are greeted by the wonderful Eddie Barton. He is exuding happiness and positivity. Just another sign in the road of life that life is grand. Heather and I drop off our belongings, have a quick drink to celebrate the road trip, and then head to Taco Mac to watch the Rangers vs Capitals game. (Sadly, Rangers lost.) We gave Katie, our server and another smiling soul, our order of Whippets (Pinnacle Whipped Vodka and Whynatte Latte) and started the game watching. We ended up getting a round of Whippets on the house because the bartender screwed up the first order and Katie told him/her she was absolutely not serving them because we knew what we were doing and the drinks had to be right. Being a slight wuss and knowing what kind of fun Heather and I have when we are without our adult supervision of other fellow Good Time Activists or anyone else, we retire for a quick nap, shower, rejuvenation, drink, etc.

Before we hop in the cab to head to The Masquerade, we notice several things:
1) We are the only people not heading in the direction EVERYONE else was going.
2) We are the only people not dressed up.
3) We are the only people not in prom gear.
4) We realize that Yanni is playing across the hotel @ the Fox Theatre which explains # 1 & 2
5) After seeing our 25th pair of silver shoes, ball looking gown, and uncomfortable looking boys in tuxedos, we realize it’s prom night which explains #3.

After a quick 5 minute cab ride to The Masquerade we make our way to “Heaven” to catch The Kills. (The Masquerade is split into 3 levels “Hell,” “Purgatory,” and “Heaven.”). We order a round of not so great drinks (strawberry vodka does not go with Red Bull) and find a spot to watch the show. 8 pm says the ticket. 9ish was what time the band started. I’d tell you the name of the band, but they never mentioned it and if they did, I didn’t understand it. It was a 3 piece band from California. I’m sure they woke up from a weed induced stupor and decided to they could play decent enough without splitting ear drums. The bassist, a chick, looked like Cousin It. They were definitely wannabe hippies. I told Heather that if “Heaven” was like this when I died, then I didn’t want to go to. (Of course, “Purgatory” had a death metal band playing so I was sure I didn’t want to go there either and “Hell” seemed to consist of all the others that just wanted something to do on Saturday night.) Cold Cave started out promising. A little dancey, a little of Franz Ferdinand, and then around the 4th song that still sounded like the 1st song, I grew bored. I was tired of watching the “odd” girl out with a group of friends and was tired of having her invade my 6 inch of personal space. If The Kills didn’t come on soon and be awesome, I was going to break into tears.

The Kills take the stage with “No Wow” and I am in “Heaven.” Literally & figuratively.  VV (Alison Mosshart) and Hotel (Jamie Hince) did not disappoint. Others have always compared them to The White Stripes because of them being a duo but they are so much better than The White Stripes (sorry White Stripes/Jack White fans…like the music, don’t think they/him are the end all be all.)  Somewhere in the set, Heather turns to me and says, “I like them. She has swagger.”  She is so right. The band is a smooth scotch that you enjoy from beginning to end.
Their set list included:
No Wow
Future Starts Slow
Heart is a Beating Drum
Kissy Kissy
U.R.A. Fever
You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No) Dawn Penn Cover
Steppin’ Razor Joe Higgs Cover
Tape Song
Baby Says
You Don’t Own the Road
Sour Cherry
The Last Goodbye
Pots and Pans
Friend My Little Brain

Sadly, they did not play “Nail in My Coffin” from Blood Pressures, but I was completely happy with their set and my decision to come to Atlanta to see them. It was so worth it!!

After the show, Heather and I are in the mood for some normalcy…which for us includes a bar. We have a cab drop us off at the hotel and we walk to Publik Draft House across the street. Our host and server, Nicholas, was also our instigator. We wanted Whippets but they didn’t have Whynatte but Nicholas assured us they would come up with some sort of creamy coffee flavored goodness for us. Nicholas did not let us down. Pinnacle Whipped, Bailey’s, Espresso Vodka…bam…next best thing to a Whippet shot. We order the best damn fries I have ever had in my life…cajun seasoned fries with BBQ sauce for me and sweet potato friends with cinnamon and honey mustard for Heather, and settle into our seats. Nicholas kept the drinks coming and Vida kept the tunes playing. Heather and I entertained ourselves by being snarky, laughing at the world around us, and plotting next adventures for the Good Time Activists. My only complaint about Publik…it was a frozen tundra where we were sitting. Heather asked Nicholas for a candle as a heat source in one point of the night and used her napkin as a blanket as well. Heading to Publik (aka The Gin Mill of Atlanta on Peachtree Street) was one of the best decisions we had. I want to go back and enjoy their Bottomless Mimosas on a Sunday.

All in all Atlanta was 5 stars of fun, laughter, good music, and friendship.

We didn’t get into serious trouble as the title of this blog suggests…that title comes from the song “Another Like You” by Hayes Carll. I told Heather it reminded me of her and my friend Josh. Sarcastic, funny, and sassy.  They lyric, “Let’s have another round, it looks like we’re trouble bound…” well, that’s all of us on Friday or Saturday night isn’t it?

If you’re ever in Atlanta, stop by Hotel Indigo for a great stay. I hope Eddie B is working the front desk when you arrive.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, stop by Publik and make sure you sit in Nicholas’ section and enjoy the fries and creamy coffee shot goodness.

Quotes of the trip:
Heather: I need something.
Shelia: What do you need?
Heather: I need…fuck I don’t know what. Redemption? Savior?
Shelia: I’ll be your savior.

Heather: I don’t care, I’m being spontanarty. Sounds like spot + arty.
Shelia: Can I be arty?

Watch “Satellite” from The Kills