Exist Loudly

Happy Birthday Amy

Amy at her Half Marathon
The note says: This Mile Dedicated to – Shelia Taylor – because I missed her
Buffett Birthday Party because I had to run.

Meet Amy Mann (pictured above). She turns another year awesome on April 29th and this kicks off her birthday week. In honor of her turning another year of awesome, I am wanted to write something in her honor. A birthday message because sometimes words are the best present and Amy is a present to the world.

The story: I met Amy at work. We worked on various projects together and worked together through out all the time I have been here and still work together. She keeps me sane when I feel like I’m about to snap. Somewhere along the way, we became more than work friends, we became great friends. She is one of my most trusted confidants. If I have a life choice to make, I often go to her to ask for advice, to share that I’m doing something, and to get the reassurance that my brainiac idea(s) aren’t as crazy I think they might be. She is my sound board and my go to girl. She is a champion on all my endeavors no matter big or small or hairbrained or well thought out they are. I try to be the same champion for her in her endeavors. Like the picture above, I was bummed she was missing my party, but her reaching her goal of running a half marathon far surpassed my need to shove a shot down her throat.

So Happy Birthday Amy! I hope your birthday week is filled with love, laughter, deliciously bad desserts, fantastic bad food, great music, and that it’s with the people that love, respect, and cherish you as a person and your friendship as a wonderful gift. I am honored to share my journey of life with you and honored that you have chosen to share your journey of your life with me.

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