Stealing a Moment from Strangers

I was walking my dog Nick the other morning and this little boy and his grandmother (I assumed because of the way she interacted with him) was in front of me. They walked hand in hand and she spoke to him in her native tongue. They stopped at one of the entrances to the apartment building to watch a dog running around in the courtyard. The smile on the little boy’s face was amazing. I had to take a moment to steal this picture. It was a moment between them I will never forget. As Nick & I passed, he bounced over to Nick with a smile and that no-sense-of-fear only kids have. I stopped so he could pet Nick. Later that day, as I took Nick on his afternoon, I ran into the woman again. She was all smiles and said hello to me. She reminded me of my mom. I am thankful I passed them twice in one day. The love between them was undeniable.

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