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Concert Review: Xavier Rudd and honeyhoney

I am a huge honeyhoney fan and their live shows reflect the personalities of Suzanne & Ben. Fun, entertaining, great music, and superb lyrics. Last night they opened for Xavier Rudd @ Neighborhood Theatre. When I saw that honeyhoney was going to be coming to town, I was stoked, but who was this Xavier Rudd? I went to his website and was not let down. I bought his new release Koonyum Sun to familiarize myself with his music and patiently waited to see not only one but two of my favorite bands! Bonus to seeing them both live…they were going to stop by the studio and perform 2 songs acoustic for the station and some lucky listeners.

First up…honeyhoney
Their new songs were fantastic. I was already going to buy the new CD when they announced in the studio that it was available for a digital download. The played mostly new songs from their new album Billy Jack and I was lucky they played “Not For Long” from their last CD First Rodeo. It is my favorite song off the CD. Their set, short, but nonetheless just as great as all the other times I have seen them. I can see/hear how they have matured on stage and I can only see a huge success in their future. This is one of the bands that will suddenly be one of those bands that are everywhere and I’m glad to have seem them from the beginning!
Side note: their 2 song performance at the studio was fantastic & fun. Can’t speak enough about this band.

Second up…Xavier Rudd
This was my 1st Xavier Rudd show and it WILL NOT be my last. There are a few concerts I’ve seen that I would come close to calling a religious experience (Jimmy Buffett & Ray LaMontange), but seeing Xavier Rudd was truly a religious experience. The music, the lyrics, the energy from him on the stage, and the energy of the crowd made it seem like we were the only people on the planet. I completely forgot about the outside world and was truly enlightened by the music. I was still on a spiritual high when I arrived to work this morning. I tried to explain to a co-worker exactly how it felt to be there, but I failed miserably. You just have to see Xavier Rudd live. There’s something transcending about his music. Something that moves you in positive direction. Something that touches you and leaves a mark. I left the venue in complete awe and with even more respect than I had when I entered a few hours earlier. I also walked away with copies of all the other CDs I didn’t own plus a t-shirt.
Side note: his 2 song set at the studio was absolutely brilliant. Meeting him in person was an honor. I’m rarely nervous around artists, but was completely speechless and nervous meeting him.

Xaveir Rudd @ Neighborhood Theatre
May 17, 2011
On drums and the didgeridoo

Xavier & the audience