Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life – May 2011

Hold My Breath by Ross Copperman
I had music playing in the background of work but the lyrics caught my ear. “I don’t want to hold my breath. Toss my pennies in a wishing well. Believe in fortunes I can’t tell, cuz this is my life. I won’t let them get inside my mind. I don’t want to fall one step behind. Loose my place at the finish line, cuz this my time.” Great song and I must thank Krissie for putting this on her Winter Mix. It might not have made a difference in my life in 2010, but the song makes a difference in 2011

On the Surface by Civil Twilight
This band from South Africa is just amazing and everyone should go see them. Again, music playing in the background of work and the piano caught my ear and then the lyrics spoke to me. “I heard a song inside of me, itt resonated off the sea, and all the chorus voices sang it back to me. If life is an ocean, then I’m only on the surface.”

They Can’t Buy the Sunshine by Turin Brakes
Shocker, lyrically connection here but the lyrics say it all “they can’t buy the sunshine.”

The Thought of Losing You by Dredg
A free song on iTunes but from a band I had forgotten I liked. I loved their song Zebraskin & I like the lyrics to this song.

Til Kindgom Come by Coldplay
I have always enjoyed this song and after leaving my dad’s house where my sister & her family live, this song popped up and as I listened to the lyrics, I made a mental note to make sure my dad listened to this song. I know this is how he feels about my mom. He will wait until he has to, to see her again.

Digging the Heroine by Econoline Crush
I have loved this band since they came into  the music scene and this song popped up when I had my iPod on shuffle. It took me back to 1999 and reminded me of the relationship I was in and it reminded me that I am now where I need to be.

The Ghosts of California by Fort Frances
I am a huge David McMillan fan and this is his full band project and it’s just fantastic. This song is a reminder to me that you must take a step forward towards your dream. You have to let go of your past and the hurt and just move on. My favorite lyrics “It’s a good year for leaving. It’s a good year for letting go.”

Stone by Stereophonics
Another iPod on shuffle gem…the lyrics “I pick myself up off the ground, sick to death of lying down…you’re in my soul, you’re in mind, but I don’t know where you are now” just reminded me of how I felt when my mom died and how I had to just take one step at a time and move forward. It actually inspired the blog “Listening to the Universe.”

Gone by U2
Same as above, iPod on shuffle surprise. Just remembered how much I like this song.

In Repair by Our Lady Peace
Again, shuffle surprise on the same night as Stereophonics and U2. They lyrics “Well it’s good to know that you’ll be okay. I’ve been waiting for this…Like a machine, they’ll fix you from the start…take the time to figure it out. Know the wire, the fuse, things that you doubt.” I took it as words from my mom from the Universe. Our lives are always in some sort of repair and it’s okay.

Love Comes and Goes by Xavier Rudd
When Xavier came to the station and played this song for us, I really listened to the lyrics for the first time ever and I’ve listened to the song at least 25 times. I instantly thought of my dad and sent him the song. I can’t say I know how it feels to have the kind of love in this song, but it’s a song of healing. “Love comes and goes sometimes decades sometimes months. Raise you up to the sky make you feel like every little thing is bright. Send you crashing back down, make you so sick you want to drown. No other pain like losing a soul mate.”

I Don’t Mind by honeyhoney
So far my favorite song on their new CD Billy Jack. Fun, toe tapping, and a damn good song.

Don’t Give Up On Me Now by Ben Harper
A free song on iTunes but a goodie. Love the lyrics “It’s not what we do, it’s what we do with what we feel. Takes all you have to stare it down, and whisper “Devil, no deal.” … You can wait your whole life, not knowing what you’re waiting for.”

Benediction by Thurston Moore
Another free song on iTunes and also a goodie. If you can get benediction into a song, I like it.

Scheiße by Lady GaGa
I don’t care who you are, bitch can entertain. I just love this song & the lyric “If you’re a strong female, you don’t need permission.”

Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls) by Foster the People
Just a freaking catchy little ditty.