Do It

As I sat in the passenger seat of Suzanne’s car with my arm hanging out the window and my foot propped on the open window, I realized that 2011 is the year of “Do It” or the year of “Dreams Coming to Reality.” This year, I will FINALLY be going to Australia in December and in August, I will be road tripping to Key West. Since I returned from my first trip to Key West many moons ago, I have always wanted to do the drive to Key West. I wanted to see all of the A1A and two years ago, I did the drive from Miami to Key West but I still longed to do the coastal drive from home to Key West. In August, I’ll be doing it and I cannot wait. I am more or less going to be living paycheck to paycheck from now until 2012. I will be broke, robbing Peter to pay Paul to pay Mary, I will be eating cases of Ramen Noodles and drinking lots of water, and I as I sat staring out at the NC mountain side, I asked myself one question: Will you regret it? My answer to myself was no.

I have learned that life is too short. I would rather be broke having lived out all of my dreams than have money and not lived any of my dreams. So as long as I am alive, I will do everything in my power to do everything I have ever dreamed of doing.

Like Nike said: “JUST DO IT.”