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Daydream Believer

I know I wasn’t suppose to spend a dime on anything other than bills, the staples of groceries (bread and almond milk for me), and nothing else, and I’ve done really well. I saved $139.52 last week. As I passed a billboard, I saw the lottery powerball number at $48 million dollars. I did some quick math in my head and realized it is divisible by the number 16 (my favorite number) and I pondered on this as I drove out to check on my staff that was working a concert for me. I couldn’t pass the option up. I know many don’t believe in buying lottery tickets and that it’s a waste of money, but I am a daydreamer. I dream big and wish for the galaxy in hopes of catching a falling star. Laugh if you will, I don’t care. It’s the one thing that has always been part of me and it always will. My mom and I would always imagine the possibilities of “what if…” I’m going to imagine the possibilities. Life is amazing and without dreams, I think it would be rather dull.

This song is for all the Daydream Believers out there.

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