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Listen To: Matthew Ryan

LISTEN TO will be a a weekly post of music I think YOU should be listening to. (I hope to do this weekly)

First up: Matthew Ryan

BACKGROUND: The first song I ever heard by Matthew Ryan was “American Dirt” from his Matthew Ryan vs the Silver State cd. I went home and purchased that CD without listening to another track and everything else iTunes had and then ordered whatever iTunes didn’t have off of Amazon. My first Matthew Ryan show was The Evening Muse. I was beyond stoked that he was playing Charlotte. I often find myself liking bands that never make it town. I bought my ticket for the show the moment it went on sale because I didn’t want it to sell out. Sadly, it did not sell out. Which I still don’t understand why it didn’t sell out, didn’t people know about him? So I made it my mission to get all my friends to listen and fall in love with the music that he created.
This week, on his Twitter & Facebook feeds, I was ecstatic to learn that Matthew had a digital & hard copy release dates. YES, I DID A HAPPY DANCE. Then yesterday, as crappy as my day was, it was brightened by the fact that Matthew was going to  release his CD digitally for only FIVE DOLLARS for 24 hours. SA-WEET! Bought it! It is worth WAY MORE than $5.

WHY YOU NEED TO BE LISTENING:  Matthew Ryan is a fantastic song writer. I also think he is a prolific artist.  His songs are beautiful, melodic, and his lyrics create such a vivid picture in one’s mind. His latest album DOES NOT fail on any of this. One of my favorite lyrics is: “Take please, take me home. She’s in the dark and all alone and I can’t stand a mercy killing but I know what I am now. I’m the villian.” from “My Darker Side.”  In my opinion, his new CD is 13 tracks of creative greatness inspired by the times we are living in (IE: Track 4, “I Don’t Want a Third World War) and should be on EVERYONE’S iPod. Also Track 10 “Here Comes the Snow,” makes me think of Matthew Ryan as the Bob Dylan of my generation. I could hear Bob singing this song.

My favorite track: “Here Comes the Snow”

For more on Matthew Ryan visit:
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