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An Attitude of Gratitude

Maybe this post was sparked by a friend, someone paid him a compliment, and he kind of looked away without knowing what to say, and I leaned in and said, “Say thank you.” 3 words. That’s all. So ladies and gentlemen, when someone says “You look nice, great hair, that color looks good on you, etc,” don’t make an excuse. Say THANK YOU.

If a guy/girl friends offer you a seat, take the seat and say thank you. I often fall into this category and refuse to take the seat or like a friend says “no, I look skinnier when I stand.” Just take the the seat, and say thank you. There will come a time when you can offer the seat back to the one who relinquished it or to another friend or even to that cute stranger that just popped up to the bar.
When I leave work every day, I thank my internet dept every day. I thank my part timers for the work they do when I work with them or when I see them passing in the hall after an event.

Thank you for reading this and checking my site/blog. I may know you, I may not, but whoever you are, I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to peer into my thoughts and world.

As Jimmy Buffett sang
“An Attitude of Gratitude when pushes come to shove
Eliminates combatatude and changes fear to love
An Attitude of Gratitude Hooray for what’s o.k.
Say thank you with a infactatude it’s a brand new day.

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