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Customer Service from Australia

I am planning a trip to Australia with friends in December. The airfare is booked, guest house for when we arrive in Sydney and for when return to Sydney has been booked, but we’re there for 21 days. We will arrive in Sydney for 4 days to decompress from the plane ride and immerse ourselves into the Australian way. Some time on the 4th day, we’ll start our travel up the coast towards destination undecided for 10 days. We decided a few weeks ago to be cost efficent and rent a camper van. Not only will it get us from Point A to Point B, it will also be a place where we can sleep. I started researching immediately and started sending emails out to every camper van rental place I could find. Many responded by email, the generic, here’s your quote type thing, but one rental place went above and beyond and that was Camper Travel Australia. The day after they sent me a price with a quote, I received a phone call on my cell phone. I looked at the number and almost didn’t answer it since I didn’t know the number, but I recognized the +61 as the country callig code for Australia and thought, who the hell is calling me from Australia?!? Jenny from Camper Travel Australia called to ask if I had received the quote and if I had any questions and to let me know that the original camper van I was looking at was now available and wanted to know if she could send me a quote for that as well. (If you don’t know, Sydney is a 12 hour time difference from Charlotte, NC…so if it’s 3:57 pm Tuesday here, it’s 5:57 am on Wednesday there) So Jenny is basically calling me during the ass crack of the morning there. Jenny and I maintain contact last week, she answering my slew of retarded questions via email, and she kept me updated on pricing and the vehicle. Yesterday, I received a call from Vivian from Camper Travel Australia to check in on me and the gang’s travel plans. They didn’t know that we had already decided that Camper Travel Australia was going to be place for us because their customer service had gone and above and beyond our expectations and today, we reserved the camper van.
So if you’re in need of a camper van, please reach out to Jenny, Vivian, and Cheryl at Camper Travel Australia and if you’re stateside, you can even rent an RV or motorhome through Camper Travel USA
For those that work in customer service, just remember that sometimes going above and beyond a customer’s expectation not only gets you the business but they are more likely to share what a great place you are to work with. I am loyal to Geico for their excellent customer service, to my local Bloom grocery store for their smiling faces at the checkout counter, and even my favorite bar The Gin Mill for putting up with my indecisive drink orders. They have a life long customer and so does Camper Travel Australia just by taking the time and calling me.