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Listen To: Econoline Crush

BACKGROUND: Does anyone remember this band besides me? They had the radio hits “Surefire,” “Spark & Shine,” “All That You Are,” and “You Don’t Know What It’s Like.” Any of these ringing a bell? I first heard this band on this very station and was fortunate enough to catch the band play Tremont Music Hall back in the day. Then as quickly as the appeared on my music radar, they disappeared. I had heard the band had broken up. Vocalist Trevor Hurst did a solo project called Hurst and Johnny Haro joined The Dreaming with former Stabbing Westward vocalist. Then in 2008, EC released Ignite and I had a friend in Canadian bring it back to me. That’s how much I love listening to this band!

In April of 2011, the band released a 3 song EP called The People Have Spoken Vol 1 and it freaking rocks.

“Stay With Me” – This is such a catchy song. Very infectious tune. The lyrics just stick with you.

“Thorn” – I love the intro to this song & it has a wicked beat. I also like the lyrics, “By the light of the shining moon, the devil sees you smile…you’re just a thorn in the side of the faithful.”

“I’m Afraid” – Another infectious tune, the band knows how to write songs that just dance around your heard and make you sing a long like the chorus…“She says I can’t help it baby, I’m afraid.”

WHY YOU NEED TO BE LISTENING: If you were a fan of Econoline Crush in the 90’s & early 2000’s, you need to update your iPod with Ignite and definitely with The People Have Spoken Vol 1. Such great music from that band. They are a band that grew with the times instead of trying to hold onto something that has passed. They’re on tour with Seether in Canada and I hope by some miracle they come to the States because I would love to see them again!

My favorite track: “Thorn”

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