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BACKGROUND:  I have LOVED The Kills since I first heard their CD “No Wow.”  Unlike the title of the CD, it was ALL WOW!  When people here it is a 2 piece band, everyone thinks White Stripes. No offense to Jack or Meg White, The Kills are far surperior than The White Stripes. I like the The White Stripes, but their sound is no where near as complete sounding as The Kills.  VV (real name Alison Mosshart) has even worked with Jack White with The Dead Weather, but before I go on a tangent, let’s get back to The Kills.  Hotel (real name Jamie Hince) and VV just f’n rock.

In April of 2011, The Kills released a full length album called “Blood Pressures” and it has become one of my favorite Kills album and one of my top ten of 2011 albums!

There are 11 solid tracks that I listen to at least once a day sometimes more!  Their first single was “Satellite” and their 2nd single is “Future Starts Slow.”

My favorite tracks on the album “Nail in My Coffin” and “DNA.”  They lyrics in “DNA” that I totally connect with are “But we will not be moved by it…Love, love, love ’til you got enough…Dance, dance, dance if you got no love around you…dance, dance, dance ’til there’s no one left to hound you.”

WHY YOU NEED TO BE LISTENING:  They’re a damn fine band and there are not a lot of bands fronted by female vocals that has swagger like VV.  To me, they all sound whiny, something my pre-teen niece would go crazy for, and so on.  The Kills have swagger, they’re gritty rock, they could be the essence of what rock should be now.  They’re not over polished, over tattooed, hair gel loaded band.  Two humans that make rock that connects to the soul.  Music that you return to after that over polished band you thought you liked for 15 seconds.

My favorite track: “Nail in My Coffin”

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