Words of Wisdom

My father always said, “Be who you is.” He got those words of wisdom from an old man that would sit on the church steps across from where he grew up. He repeated those words to me and I am now repeating those words not only to myself but to others.

My mother always said, “It’s a long way from your heart.” Of course she would always say it in Thai, and even though she often spoke it in another language, when she said it, I knew what she was saying. When I was little and I asked what it meant, it was often after I had fallen and cut or bruised myself, and she would say that the cut or bruise was a long way from my heart and wouldn’t hurt if I just kept going.

When she passed away, I remember writing an email to everyone at work, letting them know I was okay and that though I was heart broken from her death, I remember typing “It’s a long way from my heart.” Though painful, I just kept going.

This is what I write here. Advice, words of wisdom, daily inspirations, and so on. A place for dreamers, star gazers, for those that need a smile and those that might need a bit of inspiration. I’m just an ordinary girl trying to do extraordinary things.

What are my words of wisdom that I always say?  I have two quotes I always say.

“Dare to be.” Straight from Say Anything. Dare to be more than you are. Dare to be more than what someone expects from you. Dare to be anything and everything.

“The time is now.” From Jimmy Buffett’s “Breathe In Breath Out Move On” The time is now. We only have now. Tomorrow is not a definite and the past cannot be undone.  As he sang in another song, “I love the now.”